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  • Hello Pop'n Music

    -Simplified gameplay for causal audience
    -2 players simultaneously
    -4 button gameplay

  • Taiko No Tatsujin 14 Arcade Machine

    Taiko no Tatsujin 14 arcade machine is the l4th entry in Namco Bandai's drumming series contains a lineup of songs from j-pop to anime.

  • DrumMania V7

    DrumMania V7 is a game in the long running music video game series from Konami. Includes new music from Konami as well as new licensed tracks, with over 40 new songs added.

  • Dead Heat

    Dead Heat is a head-to-head street racing game from Namco. Players race through four different cities, and can choose to race in one of eight high-powered cars.

  • Pac Man's Arcade Party Cabaret Cabinet

    Pac-Man's Arcade Party brings you thirteen classic games, originally developed and licensed by Namco, and manufactured by such companies as Atari, Midway, and others for the coin-op industry - all in a classic upright Cabaret Pac-Man Cabinet.

  • Avatar Pinball (2010)

    A pinball machine based on the record-breaking 3D movie Avatar. To fit with the 3D nature of the film, Stern have created an impressive 3D backglass for the Avatar Pinball machine.

  • Big Buck Hunter Pro Pinball (2010)

    Big Buck Hunter Pro Pinball is based on the hugely successful Big Buck Hunter Arcade Video Game series.

  • The Rolling Stones Pinball (2011)

    A pinball machine from Stern themed around iconic rock band The Rolling Stones. The machine takes players through four decades of Rock 'n Roll history.

  • Arabian Jewel Coin Pusher Medal Machine

    The Arabian Jewel is a coin pusher medal machine it was released by Sega in 2010. It has four game stations and can have to up to 8 players at a time. It is based around the acquisition of different jewels of varying rarity and worth.

  • Space Ballz

    A ticket redemption machine from Jennison Entertainment. After inserting credits, a Space Ball will be loaded into the crane mechanism and will begin moving. The object is for the player to time the release the ball in order to try and win the Space Ballz Bonus, or more tickets.

  • Fantasy Wheel

    A ticket redemption game from Saint Fun. The wheel spins and lands on one of a handful of colours. Players must bet on which colour the wheel will stop on, and if they are correct they will win tickets.

  • Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz Arcade Machine

    Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz is the 13th title in the Super Monkey Ball arcade machine franchise continues the adventures of AIAI – the adorable Monkey-in-a-Ball that started the Monkey Ball franchise.

  • UFO Catcher Double

    UFO Catcher Double is a crane machine from Sega. This version has two claw mechanisms rather than the standard one claw.

  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is an updated version of Arc System Works 2D fighting game BlazBlue. The new version includes two new playable characters, 4 new stages, new moves, and a new Beginner Mode. Runs on the Taito Type X2 board.

  • Deadstorm Pirates DX Arcade Machine

    The Deadstorm Pirates DX Arcade Machine from Namco is a two player deluxe cabinet shooting game.

  • Pump It Up: Fiesta EX

    Pump It Up: Fiesta EX is the sequel to 2010's Pump It Up: Fiesta. The updated version of the popular music rhythm game features an redesigned interface and expanded Quest Mode. It includes a new user customization system and offers plenty of rewards for players.

  • DJ Max Technika 2

    DJ Max Technika 2 is the sequel to Pentavision's 2008 music rhythm game DJ Max Technika. The game player of DJ Max Technika remains the same as its predecessor, however the updated version features 100 songs (at least 20 of which are new), improved visual quality and touch panel, and a brand new Duo Mixing mode.

  • Beatmania II DX 19: Lincle Arcade Machine

    Beatmania II DX 19: Lincle is the 19th installment of the wildly popular "Beatmania" series. It retains the basic gameplay concept but with several new features and over 60 new songs!

  • Vewlix DIA Arcade Cabinet

    Vewlix DIA Arcade Cabinet is the latest arcade cabinet machine manufactured by Taito.

  • Snapshot

    Snapshot is an updated version of LAI's photo booth "Star Blitz". It is a portable photo kiosk great for locations with limited space or for party rentals. Snapshot features new graphics, improved event hire software and an extra 'Sexy Mode' where you can pose alongside sexy models or hunky guys.

  • Avatar Limited Edition Pinball (2010)

    Avatar Limited Edition Pinball Machine - a special limited edition of Avatar Pinball. It is limited to just 250 units, and comes with enhanced game play and superior mechanical features.

  • Initial D 6 Arcade Driving Machine

    Initial D 6 is an updated version and sixth entry in Sega's long running Initial D series of arcade street racers. The game includes a new two-on-two "tag battle" feature.

  • Classic American Road Trip

    Classic American Road Trip is a bright and exciting coin pusher machine. This dedicated ticket payout, single player pusher is themed around the classic Hollywood to Chicago Route 66 and features a unique bonus feature that result in big ticket wins.

  • Sideshow 3 Player Arcade Machine

    The Sideshow 3-Player shooting gallery is a ticket redemption arcade machine, a collaboration from Pan Amusements and Sega.

  • Hungry Froggy

    A ticket redemption machine from UNIS.

  • Cannonball Blast

    Cannonball Blast is a novelty ticket redemption game from Bay Tek. Players shoot balls at the pirate ship in hopes of knocking down the wooden planks. Knock down all 6 planks in 3 shots or less and get a chance at the bonus by hitting all 6 planks again with the remaining shots.

  • King of the Big Wheel

    King of the Big Wheel is an eye-catching, colourful ticket redemption game. Players use the lever to spin the big wheel, with tickets awarding based on where the wheel stops.

  • Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus Arcade Machine

    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus is an updated version of Namco's arcade racing machine with additional cars, a new track, and extra customization options.

  • Tank! Tank! Tank! Arcade Machine

    Tank! Tank! Tank! Arcade Machine is a driving style cabinet in which players control a tank and use it to battle each other or shoot down monsters terrorizing the city!

  • Deadstorm Pirates 4D+ Arcade Machine

    Deadstorm Pirates 4D+ SD is a highly interactive, simulation, shooting style arcade game machine from Namco.

  • Pump it Up: Fiesta

    'Fiesta' is the latest version of the popular music rhythm games Pump It Up. The software update features 260 songs in total, making it the largest collection of songs ever seen in a Pump It Up game.

  • GuitarFreaks V7

    GuitarFreaks V7 is the 19th version in the long running music video game series from Konami. Includes new music from Konami as well as new licensed tracks, with over 40 new songs added.

  • Let's Go Island 3D Arcade Machine

    Let's Go Island 3D Arcade Machine is a special version of Sega's game which has an enclosed cabinet and a 55 inch 3D LCD screen.

  • Darius Burst: Another Chronicle Arcade Machine

    Darius Burst: Another Chronicle Arcade Machine is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up game from Taito in the long-running Darius series.

  • Fire Storm Air Hockey

    The Fire Storm was developed in response to operator interest in a table incorporating the service, play and scoring features of the popular Hot Flash II air hockey table, but providing an alternative for locations favouring a more colourful, futuristic appearance.

  • Iron Man Pinball (2010)

    Iron Man is a Pinball based on the Marvel super-hero character of the same name. The release of the machine coincides with the latest blockbuster movie based around the franchise.

  • Key Master Arcade Machine

    Key Master Arcade Machine is a one player prize redemption arcade machine from Sega. Players use buttons to control a "key" mechanism, and must aim to slot the key into the keyhole of their desired prize.

  • Spin-A-Rama

    A one player ticket redemption machine from Sega.

  • Mr. Vacuum

    Using patented technology, this compact game utilises vacuum power to pick up prizes, rather than the traditional claw found on most crane machines.

  • Go Go Ball

    A ticket redemption game. The machine has a 47" LCD screen, with players throwing balls at the targets displayed on the screen to win tickets.

  • Pop it for Gold X-Treme Ticket Redemption Machine

    Pop It For Gold X-Treme is a ticket redemption machine from Benchmark Games and is a larger version of the previously released 'Pop it for Gold'. This version has an enormous 42" wide balloon which players must try to pop to win tickets. Comes in a 8.5 and 11 foot tall game cabinet.

  • Winners Cube Standard Arcade Machine

    Winners Cube Standard is a prize redemption arcade game machine from Andamiro. In the game players must control the movement of a slim rod which is mounted onto a motorized mechanism. The rod moves horizontally and vertically, with the player using the two buttons on the control panel to control direction.

  • Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Arcade Machine

    Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion is the highly popular update of Tekken 6 in the dedicated Tekken 6 arcade machine - a modern style, upright/sit-down cabinet from Namco which features a High resolution 32" LCD monitor, and a two player control panel with two joysticks, 8 push buttons and 2 start buttons..

  • Metal Gear 3D Arcade Edition

    Take your Metal Gear experience to the next level with Metal Gear 3D Arcade Edition! Metal Gear 3D Arcade is a reworked arcade version of Metal Gear Online - the online component of popular PS3 combat game Metal Gear Solid 4. The machine uses an innovative 3D display combined with 3D glasses. The 3D technology also uses cameras and sensors that allow the characters to mimic the players head and body movements, creating a truely immersive experience.

Currently Showing 51-94 of 94

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